Name: Alvaro Leite Ferreira
Type: MSc dissertation
Publication date: 14/12/2021

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Renata Gomes Cardoso Advisor *

Examining board:

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David Ruiz Torres Internal Examiner *
Erly Milton Vieira Junior External Examiner *
Renata Gomes Cardoso Advisor *

Summary: Considering the poetics of Isaac Julien, we can verify the relevance of his works in the international art scene, for the articulation of languages, media and supports, and the social approach itself, as a black and gay artist working within an art system predominantly white .Thus, the present work proposes a study of some of Julien’s works, in order to discuss the relationship with concepts as identity, sexuality, and social affirmation. His filmography comprises works made between 1983 and 2019, in a production that encompasses a total of 30 films, including some documentaries. Thus, this research focuses on the films Looking for Langston (1989) and The Attendant (1993).
Keywords: Contemporary art, sexuality, decolonization, cinema.

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