Name: Jéssica Galon da Silva Macêdo
Type: MSc dissertation
Publication date: 29/07/2020

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Angela Maria Grando Bezerra Advisor *

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Angela Maria Grando Bezerra Advisor *
David Ruiz Torres Internal Examiner *

Summary: This research has as its axis of study the work of the artist Hilal Sami Hilal. It is structured from the history, theory and criticism of art, dealing with the new dimension, in recent decades, both of the statute of the art object in its materiality, as well as of transformations that occurred in the participation of the spectator before the work proposed by the artist. In the study of Hilal Sami Hilal's works, it was to mark direct contact with the artist as well as in the decision to start the research with the analysis of two works that reflect a strong appeal to the sensitive and are constructed with singular spatiality: the installations "Constellations" (2016) and "Seu Sami" (2007). We also saw the presence of the symbolic and subjective works triggered by materiality and creative intentional process, such as memory and affection. Finally, we we awe general reflections of the artist's poetic trajectory seeking dialogues between the "Installations" mentioned above and others of his works, especially "Aleppo" (2019).

Keywords: Hilal Sami Hilal, installation, materiality, memory, spectator.

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