Beyond the image: Look settings in the digital environment

Name: Cláudio Victor Costa de Araujo
Type: MSc dissertation
Publication date: 16/06/2020

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David Ruiz Torres Advisor *

Examining board:

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Aparecido Jose Cirilo Internal Examiner *
David Ruiz Torres Advisor *
Tarcisio Torres Silva External Examiner *

Summary: Addressing images and their variations is an exercise that covers several areas. Understanding them does not deepen specific relationships, a notion that directs and drives to build limits and dedicate the look. Therefore, driven by the influence and performance of the contemporary technological environment, I seek to examine delimited images that are sustained towards the media field of virtuality, a focus that is based on the determinant propagation and multiplication of electronic equipment, widely accessible and capable, propagators of the clear consumption of digital image in cyberspace. And from this interactive reason, the virtual anthropological context, routine and development of society's activities inserted in the synthetic composition of digital formation, the Espaço do Saber, are added. As a holder of socio-cultural issues, he presents certain images linked to the Instante Pregnante, with a remarkable structure in the semiotic relationship of the images before the individual. Thus, with immersive studies on the basis of the concepts addressed by Pierre Lévy and Lucia Santaella, the unfolding of the research is associated with the questions proposed by the objective of the study and its relations that direct the questions under investigation. What can the configuration of virtual images incite us? How does the brain digest information from the digital image? What is the viewer's role in the face of the virtual media image? What are the significant elements in this interaction?

Keywords: Digital image; Pregnant Instant; Knowledge Space; Cyberspace.

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