Utero Urbe: Women, territorialities and insurgencies in the urban landscape

Name: Carolina Tiemi Takiya Teixeira
Type: MSc dissertation
Publication date: 27/05/2020

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Aparecido Jose Cirilo Advisor *

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Almerinda da Silva Lopes Internal Examiner *
Aparecido Jose Cirilo Advisor *
Fernanda Rodrigues de Miranda External Examiner *

Summary: Where the women fits when the Brazil’s grafitti is narrated? Understanding their participation shows us how inadequate it is to focus on visual records, given that the occupation of public space nuances must be seen by unveiling outside the landscape, silenced female experience layers. However, how to reveal them? The urban women occupation in graffiti will be investigated, having as analytical locus the creative process driven by artistic residence Útero Urbe meetings which took place in João Pessoa, São Luís do Maranhão and São Paulo, in a period between 2014 and 2019. Along this process, we had the opportunity through women and gender dissidents actualize creative processes, transposing the hegemonic language narrative and the inequality on their inscription distribution throughout urban space. In this sense, we will focus our analysis in two divisions to understand in a first moment, how the graffiti field has been constituting, reallocating the definition in consonance with a anticolonial perspective and bringing to light historically silenced voices. In our analysis, we seek to unveil the visibility regimes and the different scales in movement and dispute between the cities and within the graffiti movement itself, in dialogue with the Grada Kilomba, Gloria Anzaldua, Lorena Cabnal, Rita Segato, Beatriz Nascimento perspectives, among others. Simultaniously, we will interlace artists narratives and collectives that stimulate urban intervention, reporting experiences and insurgent epistemologies in Abya Yala, such as the Coletivo Mujeres Creando, Maçãs Podres and Periferia Segue Sangrando. In a second moment, we will investigate the collective cartographies carried out in Útero Urbe, unitting the body and territory axes; as well we will talk about the meetings in the cities mentioned before. The all narratives plot and perspectives grouped in this investigation, aim to become a reflective and aesthetic counterpoint, while performs a tactical look at the occupation and incorporation of cities, by women in scape and announcing.

Keywords: Graffiti; Corporality; Territory; Art; Feminism; Collective Mapping

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