Name: Ana Elisa Pereira Poubel
Type: MSc dissertation
Publication date: 21/10/2019

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Aparecido Jose Cirilo Co-advisor *
David Ruiz Torres Advisor *

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Aparecido Jose Cirilo Internal Examiner *
David Ruiz Torres Advisor *
Hugo Cristo SantAnna External Examiner *

Summary: In the independent sector of the gaming industry - knowning as "indie" - there are many game productions with artistic intentions. It wasn't common in the past, when games were created with the purpose of entertainment. In this new away of think and produce games, the game itself - or its creator - have as goal to convey ideas, that go beyond obvious discourse and previously unanticipated sensations. At this point, issue the research's hypothesis: is it possible to explore the gameplay of digital games as a field of expression and artistic possibilities? In order to try to answer this question, this
research presents a brief review of the artistic potential of Passage - in portuguese "Passagem" - a digital game created by game the designer Jason Rohrer in 2007, available for Windows, MacOs and Linux platforms. As Passage a digital game created by formal game system structure, became important o think about how (or when) a game can be art. Therefore, gameplay and art concepts will be presented, as well as a brief description of the game.
Key-words: digital games; art; playability; interactivity.

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