FUNDAMENTALS OF PAINTING APPLIED IN THE PRODUCTION OF CONCEPT ART: Study of the creative process of the artist Nicolas Weis for the digital animation film The Croods (2011)

Name: Hugo Bernardino Rodrigues
Type: MSc dissertation
Publication date: 27/05/2020

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David Ruiz Torres Advisor *
Gabriel Menotti Miglio Pinto Gonring Advisor *

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Claudia Maria França da Silva Internal Examiner *
David Ruiz Torres Advisor *

Summary: This research aims to study Concept Art and the fundamentals of painting to justify an analysis of the creative process of Concept Arts by artist Nicolas Weis for the film The Croods (2011). Based on these objectives, this research is structured in three chapters. In the first chapter it is written about the definition, functionality and processes of Concept Art, such as the stages of execution in large projects and the types of Concept Art. In the second chapter the relationship between Concept Art and the fundamentals of painting is established based on the statements of Schmid (1998), it accompanies words from painters such as Craig Mullins (2018), Marco Bucci (2018) and Luiz Celestino (2016). With these studies completed, the process of analyzing the Conceptual Arts of scenarios by the artist Nicolas Weis for the film The Croods (2011) is started in the third chapter, explaining the design and execution of key moments in his creative process: initial ideas, production and colorization.

Keywords: Concept Art – Painting – Audiovisual – The Croods – Nicolas Weis.

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