The New Museums in Contemporaneity: The Decolonial Paths in the Social Construction of the Place in Art and its Specificities.

Name: Paulo dos Santos Silva
Type: MSc dissertation
Publication date: 26/05/2020

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Raquel de Oliveira Pedro Garbelotti Advisor *

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Aparecido Jose Cirilo Internal Examiner *
Milton Esteves Junior External Examiner *
Raquel de Oliveira Pedro Garbelotti Advisor *

Summary: The present research builds from a brief historical analysis and its consequences in contemporary times, a theoretical conception of the term “New Museum” as a constructive and institutional typology typical of the contemporary period, more specifically of some museums built from the 1990s. It increases elements of the colonial heritage as constitutive foundations of the Museological Institution as a global network with corporate influences of an economic order. It has a centrality in architecture, in which case studies are made at Cais das Artes (ES) and at Museu do Amanhã (RJ) as examples of central urban intervention projects, as promoters of a new cultural and economic development in the locality WHERE are inserted, with great impacts in different areas. From then on, it unfolds on the decolonization process of these historically constructed structures, with perspectives on site-specificity and decolonial practices in artistic experiences at different levels of institutionalization. It works through surveys, analyzes and comparisons to the relationship between the architectural object and the interactions in the territory, in the landscape and in the anthropological actions at the interfaces of art in a globalized world. Finally, it seeks to answer questions about the existence of these museums, their importance and the possibilities that involve the artistic environment to promote new forms and views of the development of art in face of the specificities of the place as a rupture of colonial traumas.
Keywords: New Museum, coloniality, decoloniality, site-specific.
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