Name: Lília Marcia de Sousa Pessanha
Type: MSc dissertation
Publication date: 22/05/2020

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Almerinda da Silva Lopes Advisor *

Examining board:

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Alexandre Ricardo dos Santos External Examiner *
Almerinda da Silva Lopes Advisor *
David Ruiz Torres Internal Examiner *

Summary: Known by moving freely between visual arts, Cao Guimarães is regarded as one of the major Brazilian artists of his generation. However, further level of his poetic in the literature in accordance with this acknowledgement is still a gap, in such a way this dissertation aims to expand the knowledge about his work directly relating to the attenuation of this hiatus. To achieve this, his photography series are analyzed in threestep sampling: the first one referring the 1880’s and 1990’s, the beginning of his artistic training endowed with experimentalisms; the second suited to the Stories of Not Seeing series analysis, when the artist has reached the consolidation of his poetic formation; and finally an approach about the artist’s most recent works produced from the 2000’s until the present day. Throughout Guimarães’ images analysis, attempts to understand lines of thought and motivations which influence creative methods and processes of the artist. The gathering between the artist and theoretical framework, come up with, in parallel, benchmarks suggesting poetic interactions among artworks. It is thus intended to understand how the work of the artist performs on the expansion of a new field of photography and in the poetic of images.

Keywords: Cao Guimarães; contemporary photography; creative processes.

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