Name: Cristina Gonçalves dos Santos
Type: MSc dissertation
Publication date: 09/07/2019

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Aissa Afonso Guimarães Advisor *

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Aissa Afonso Guimarães Advisor *
Alexandre Siqueira de Freitas Internal Examiner *
Antonio Carlos Moraes External Examiner *

Summary: This dissertation intends to analyze the construction of the plasticity of the Carnival Recreational Parade of the Grêmio Recreativo Independentes de Boa Vista Samba School in 2018. year of analysis, the School brought as story the story of Nelson Mandela: “I am Boa Vista ... I am Madiba. The Equality Corner that Echoes in the Mandela Centenary ”. For such, the theoretical foundation used was among other authors, Cavalcanti (1995), Magalhães (1997) who report the process of carnival creation; and Monteiro (2010) that brings the capixaba perspective of the Samba Schools carnival. In order to achieve the objectives of this research project we tried to perform a work of analysis, identification and knowledge the paths taken by the Capixaba Samba School in the construction of its aesthetics. We start from the contextualization of the history of the emergence of the Samba Schools, still in Rio de Janeiro in 1920, until its appearance in the city of Vitória-ES. The data presented in this research were collected through participant observation and gathered into a collection of records, interviews, and images and photographs. We emphasize that the research is limited to the analysis of the artistic production process of the Cariacica association and its results show that the aesthetic making unfolded around activities that involved multiple actors in a collaborative construction of the Carnival Parade. The process of transforming the Plot into an interpretive visual language guaranteed Boa Vista the runner-up at the Vitória Carnival Samba Schools Parade in 2018. In view of all the data analyzed (plot and sambas-plot, regulation, interviews, fantasies, props and allegories) it is concluded that a Samba School can translate its plot and synopsis, which is not dispensable, by means of fantasies, props and allegories in order to tell the proposed narrative. It is also concluded that the carnival of the association will be harmed if there is no collaborative work between the carnival, School Directors and community, as the narrative of the proposed plot will not be told during the passage of the School in Sambão do Povo.
Key words: Carnival, Plasticity, G.R.E.S. Boa Vista

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