Name: Gabriel Lacerda Gama
Type: MSc dissertation
Publication date: 28/06/2019

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Aparecido Jose Cirilo Advisor *

Examining board:

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Aparecido Jose Cirilo Advisor *
Claudia Maria França da Silva External Examiner *
David Ruiz Torres Internal Examiner *

Summary: This Master Dissertation is dedicated to studying contemporary events in the visual field that use cyberspace as the primary place of circulation. To do so, the text chooses, as a central object of investigation, recent and succinct graphic parodies of movie posters called minimal movie posters. The initial proposal is defending cyberspace as a place of art exhibition and circulation, from the perspective of the construction of "virtualscapes" composed and modified by visual compositions developed in our time. From there, it intends to define the minimal movie posters as a creative possibility in the virtual environment, presenting its formal aspects, intentions, language and dialogues with digital space and contemporaneity typical issues. Finally, it presents the person of Pete Majarich, an Australian designer, movie posters versions creator. The main goal hear is describe a subjective perception of the investigated object from the look of who produces and shares it. In addition, the last part of this study desires to promote the analysis of a specific design in the Majarich's repertoire in order to understand the intrinsic discourse of his posters, with special attention to the deliberate suppression of graphic elements and the adoption of a peculiar language to dialog with the movie which is mentioned in that poster.
Palavras-chave: Internet; Cyberspace; Movie Posters; Minimal Posters; Pete Majarich.

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